This Is How You Can Pass A Drug Test with Apple Cider Vinegar

There are claims that apple cider vinegar can help. Read on to find out how you can use ACV (apple cider vinegar) to pass a marijuana drug test.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a product created from squeezing and crushing apples. This produces a sugary liquid that is later fermented to create alcohol by the use of yeast and bacteria. Later, Acetobacter bacteria is used to convert this alcohol into apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, which gives it the sour taste and a pH of 4.3. This acidity is the reason apple cider vinegar is ideal for different household cleaning uses. Even though there is no scientific evidence to back this claim, apple cider vinegar is also believed to be a good remedy for different types of infections.

The acidic component of apple cider vinegar is the reason most marijuana smokers believe it can be used to give a false negative in THC tests.

Detoxing with Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a popular belief that apple cider vinegar can help to pass a drug test because ACV cleans your urine and removes any traces of marijuana metabolites. Having clean urine gives you a better chance of testing negative for THC use. The Apple Cider Vinegar detox method is loved because it is said to be a same-day solution to pass a drug test.

How to use ACV to pass a THC test – The method

The best thing about this method is that it requires two ingredients commonly found in any kitchen. You only need apple cider vinegar and water for this method. Any apple cider vinegar brand can work.

Mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this. You will need to drink at least a gallon of water within three hours, leading to the drug test. This will prompt your system to want to get rid of the excess water, which will make you pee more frequently. This way, most of the THC metabolites are excreted in urine before the drug test.

While people claim that this method works, apple cider vinegar is not a recommended same-day solution for passing a drug test.

It is important to note that this method does not always yield positive results. This is because taking too much water will affect the pH, creatine levels, and density of your urine. These are essential components for the success of any drug test. Too much dilution may force lab technicians to reject the urine sample you present.

How it works

A lot of marijuana users online claim that apple cider vinegar reduces the levels of THC in the urine by creating an acidic medium. The human body excretes up to 20% of the marijuana deposits in your system through your urine. This is in the form of an acidic urinary metabolite. This means that the body requires an acidic environment to clean this metabolite from your system. Apple cider vinegar helps to create this environment.

Does it work?

There is no scientific evidence to back the claim that using apple cider vinegar can help you to pass a drug test. Even so, there are numerous positive reviews online. This is mostly because the use of apple cider vinegar requires you to take a lot of water. This way, the THC metabolites are diluted and passed in the urine. There is no evidence to prove that vinegar works to cleanse the system of marijuana deposits.

Adding apple cider vinegar to a urine sample

This is the second way people believe that apple cider vinegar can be used to pass a drug test. This works by lowering the PH level of urine. Usually, apple cider vinegar has a pH of 4.3, while urine has a pH of between 6.5 and 7.3. It is believed that vinegar lowers the pH of urine, which helps to mask the THC metabolites in the urine.

A study conducted by the University of Utah in 1988 can prove this method. According to this study, several adulterants can be used to cause false negatives in urine tests. Vinegar was one of the adulterants tested. The results indicated that adding vinegar in a urine sample invalidated the immunoassay enzyme used to detect drug metabolites in urine.

While this method can work, lab technicians always test the pH of urine samples before testing for drug metabolites. Sometimes, vinegar can lower the pH beyond reasonable physiological possibilities. This is a standard red flag for lab technicians looking out for urine sample tampering.

Even though there is scientific evidence to prove that this method can help you to pass a drug test, it is a risky and highly unreliable method. If a lab technician believes that you tried to cheat your way through a drug test, you will be legally required to produce a second sample under strictly supervised conditions.


While you can use apple cider vinegar to help you pass a drug test, it is an unreliable method. Also, using too much apple cider vinegar can have adverse effects on your health and sometimes deteriorate pre-existing conditions.

Instead of using this unreliable method, there are other more reliable ways of detoxing your body and getting rid of marijuana metabolites. Use of detox products such as the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit or the Premium 7 Day Detox Kit can help you pass a same day drug test or remain clean over a longer period.

The Fast Marijuana Detox Kit can give you clean drug test results on the same day. You only need to take it an hour before the drug test to cleanse your system. If you require a more permanent solution, the 7-day detox kit can help to cleanse your system in a week.