James Gerity from Maryland was a participant in the Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous. He has put all of his photos from the event on to a website. Please take a minute to veiw the above link (you may have to copy and paste it). He has set it up so that you can add your own pictures as well. Enjoy!

United Tribes Technical College Color Guard present the colors for the closing ceremony, marking the end of the Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous.

Images of the Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous

Major General Michael Haugen, former Adjutant General for the state of North Dakota, shakes hands with participants during the closing ceremony of the Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous.


Students pose in front of an army M1A1 Abrams (tank).


Timothy Spriggs gets a kiss from Killdeer Kate.


A Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous participant climbs a rock wall at the High Ropes Course near Medora, ND.


Brigadier General Stan Putnam (Assistant Adjutant General of MT) dropped in via Blackhawk helicopter to visit with participants from the state of MT. From left to right, David Swoboda (MT), Zachary Pilkington, his battle buddy (OK), Brig. Gen. Putnam, Clair Bischof (MT) and Hannah Mizner-Welch (MT).


A participant tries on a stylish hat from the era of Lewis and Clark.


Flutist, Matt Schanandore plays a tune at the Heritage Center, Bismarck, ND.


Participants raft along the Missouri River.


Native American dancer Wayne Fox performs a hoop dance for the Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous participants.

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