Does CERTO Really Help to Detox Marijuana from Your System

Certo Detox is said to be one of the most effective ways of ensuring your urine sample gives a negative for marijuana. With all the reviews about the effectiveness of Certo, there is little doubt that it might work.

What is Certo?

Also commonly referred to as Certo drug test method or Certo sure jell, Certo is a brand that produces fruit pectin.

Fruit pectin, the main ingredient in Certo, is a concentrated sugar extract. It is present in fruits like apples, peaches, or berries. This fruit pectin is highly soluble, which makes it perfect for detoxification. This is why fruit pectin is used as a detox solution.

Certo detox method is commonly used in urine tests even though it is said to be effective for blood tests too.

Passing a marijuana drug test using Certo

The good thing about the Certo detox method is that you can purchase all the ingredients you need from your local store. you will need:

  • Vitamin B2 or B12
  • A gallon of Water
  • 32-ounce sports drinks rich in electrolytes
  • 1 Certo fruit pectin pack

How to use these ingredients:

You should mix the ingredients at least three hours before the screening.

  • Pour the pack of Certo into the sports drink and shake well to mix. This will make the juice thick since Certo is a thickening agent.
  • Drink all of it. It is a bit sugary because of the high sugar content, and so might not be pleasant in the mouth.
  • Take at least 2 cups of water immediately after drinking the juice. Drink the remaining water as you pee whenever you need to.
  • An hour before the test, take the vitamin supplement, and continue drinking water. The purpose of the B vitamins is to give your urine the yellow color since the water will have diluted it to almost transparent.

You will need to urinate at least four times before giving the urine sample to increase your chances of testing negative for THC metabolites.

It is important to note that this method is not guaranteed to work every time and for everyone.

How Certo works to ensure you pass a THC drug test

Most people believe that Certo works by sticking on the inside of the bladder to absorb THC, thus preventing THC from accessing urine. There is no evidence to back this claim. The most likely reason that explains how Certo works is the pectin interaction with THC in the body as a detoxifying agent.

Certo creates a barrier between your stomach and the bladder. This blocks THC metabolites from getting into your urine, which creates a window for you to collect a clean urine sample to pass a marijuana drug test.

The little THC metabolites that get in your urine is mainly the amount absorbed from your stomach into your bloodstream. Drinking a lot of water dilutes the metabolites in your urine. You will want to go on short calls more. This way, your body excretes most of the metabolites before the drug test.

While numerous reviews support the use of Certo to pass a THC test, it is worth noting that there is no scientific evidence to back this claim.

Certo is rich in fiber – the second claim of why it works

The second theory commonly used to explain why Certo works to help pass a drug test is the fact that fruit pectins are rich in fiber and that THC metabolites are fat-soluble.

While there is still no scientific evidence to back this theory either, it may be more convincing than the first.

According to this theory, pectin is highly soluble fiber meaning it absorbs liquid when ingested. This prompts the body to work more effectively to excrete liquids in the body through poop. Even though most THC metabolites are excreted in stool, there is still a small amount that is absorbed into the bladder and passed in the urine. This is why most drug tests are done through a urinalysis.

THC metabolites are highly soluble in the fat present in ingested foods. The body will excrete bile to make these fats soluble in water. Bile binds with the fat to make it soluble in water and digestible in the intestines. This makes it possible for THC to be digested in the stomach and excreted in stool.

Because of the solubility nature of the pectin fiber, minimal amounts of THC metabolites are absorbed through the walls of the intestines. This limits the THC metabolites present in urine.

Since Certo is rich in fiber, it increases bowel movement. This means that you can excrete a lot of THC metabolites before the test takes place. In turn, this gives you a chance to produce urine samples free of THC metabolites.

It is important to note that the manufacturer does not indicate the fiber amount present in Certo. This makes it impossible to tell what amount of Certo you need to use to guarantee a drug free urine sample.

So, why does the Certo method work?

This method, like most other detox methods, works mostly because it also involves taking in a lot of water. This dilutes your urine, which increases the chances of producing a sample that has no THC metabolites.

There is no scientific proof that Certo works by either masking the wall of the bladder or by digesting THC. On the other hand, taking a lot of water has long been used as a method of cheating in a drug test.

Taking a lot of water will flush out THC metabolites faster from your system. You will pass this in urine before the drug test, which reduces the concentration of THC in the sample you produce.

The dangers of drinking too much water

Even though you can cheat your way through a marijuana drug test by diluting your urine with water, overdoing it can render your sample unusable. Drinking too much water will dilute your urine sample and lower the creatinine levels.

Creatinine is an important component of any urinalysis. Low levels of creatinine will render your sample null, which will call for the collection of a second sample.

Tampering with urine samples is an offense that can land you in jail in some states, or cost you your job.

What is a reliable and legal solution?

Even with numerous theories online about homemade remedies for passing drug tests, the only sure way to pass a drug test is by using a tested and proven method.

There are numerous cost-effective detox solutions, such as the Fast Marijuana Detox kit. This is a detox solution that guarantees negative drug test results. With this detox kit, your system will be cleansed by powerful herbs to ensure your urine is clean one hour after use.

This gives you a window to produce a clean sample for your drug test. It is especially useful if your boss tends to call for drug tests without prior notice.

If you are looking for a long term solution, you should consider using the Premium 7 Day Detox Kit. This is a detox kit that cleanses your body of any THC metabolites in 7 days. You will remain clean forever if you decide to stop using cannabis. You can use it to cleanse our system of THC occasionally.